Dan Henderson om varför han tackade Nej till att möta "Lil Nog"

Dan Henderson
Dan "hendo" Henderson fick förfrågan om att möta Antonio Rogerio "Lil Nog" Nogueira innan Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson slutligen fick den. Här nedan kommer ett utdrag ur en Radiointervju med Dan Henderson där han förklarar anledningen till varför han avböjde matchen. Radiointervjun gjordes på Clinch Gear Radio.

"I was under the impression that [Dana White] was still kinda on the fence on wether he was gonna put me in front of Rashad or not, that's assuming Rashad wins. He did offer me a fight with little Nogueira and I didn't think the fans would be interested in that fight and not as much time as I'd like to prepare for a five round fight so I told him I'd wait and see what happens with the Rashad fight.

I'd like to fight Jones now rather than if I took that fight with Little Nog, I wouldn't be fighting Jones for another eight, ninth months. I'm okay waiting a little bit. It was more about having the time to prepare and I did inquire to say hey, I would be interested in doing it if it was a three round fight I could have time to prepare."