UFC on FX 1 - Melvin Guillard slutar på Jackson MMA, går till The Blackzilians

Melvin Guillard
Nu på lördag är det dags för ännu en UFC gala, nämligen UFC on FX 1 i Nashville, Tenneesse (läs mer här). Som huvudevent går Melvin Guillard mot Jim Miller. Guillard har sedan flera år tillbaka tränat hos Greg Jacksons MMA i Albuquerque, New Mexico med namn som Georges St Pierre, Jon Jones, Clay Guida och många fler.

Inför sin senaste fight mot Joe Lauzon, som han dessvärre förlorade på sub.(RnC), tränade han ett par veckor innan matchen på det nybildade MMA Trainingcampet The Blackzilians. Det var dit Rashad Evans gick efter att han och Jon Jones haft sina dispyter. Nu vill Melvin Guillard alltså göra samma byte permanent, han byter MMA camp från Jacksons MMA till The Blackzilians. Där kommer han att dela gym med bl.a Rashad Evans, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, Anthony Johnson och Jorge Santiago för att nämna några. Så här säger Melvin själv om bytet till MMAWeekly.

“Both camps are great," Guillard told MMAWeekly Radio. "Both sets of coaches are awesome. It’s just a decision I had to make for myself professionally. Did I want to split the time? Yeah, I did, but it’s kind of like trying to work for Exxon and work for Shell. You won’t be able to split your time between both. Cause both of those companies wouldn’t allow it."
“So it came to one of those points in my life where I had to make a grown-up decision. Kind of an executive decision, and this is the decision I made.”
“I didn’t leave Jackson’s in a bad way. I love those coaches to death, love that team, and if anything ever occurs and I have to go back to Jackson’s, I hope I’m still welcome, because I didn’t leave in the wrong way."
“One thing my mother taught me when I was a kid growing up ‘you never leave home bad because you never know when you might need to come back through that door.’ I hope the coaches there and the team there still love for me and care for me the way they did when I was performing for them.”
“As fighters we have to make the decision who’s going to get us ready to take us to that next level. At the end of the day, all this hype about which coach is better than who, at the end of the day we’re the ones in there doing the job. We’re the ones that have to get in there and bust our butts. All they can do is give direction and make things go from there."
“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for myself.”