Den svenska MMA-organisationen Vision Fighting Champinship går ihop med den skottska MMA-organisationen Scottish Fighting Challenge

Pressmeddelande: VFC och SFC slås samman, första galan i Karlstad kommer att vara den 5 maj 2012. 

We can reveal that SCOTTISH FIGHT CHALLENGE (SFC) have merged with the VISION FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (VFC). The merge of the promotions will catapult the new organisation onto a much larger European scale with multiple events held annually in Scandinavia and the UK in what will be a robust schedule of live Mixed Martial Arts events!
VFC are one of Sweden's top MMA promotions and SFC are one of the most exciting promotions to emerge in the UK, both employing high production values and matching great European bouts in their previous events.The merger will reinforce the fighter brackets and weight divisions of the unified promotion with champions already established at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight through previous SFC events.
The first event of the merger will be April 28th in Glasgow UK (formerly SFC 6), now known as 'VFC 3: UPRISING'. This event will determine the new Flyweight and Bantamweight VFC champions. A VFC 'fight night' will follow in quick succession in May and will be held in Karlstad, Sweden with three further events planned across Europe thereafter.
Planned VFC Schedule as follows:
April 28th: Vision UK (Glasgow)
May 5th: Vision Scandinavia (Karlstad, Sweden)
Sep 1st: Vision UK (Glasgow)
September TBA: Vision Scandinavia
December: Vision International Show
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