Junior dos Santos säger i en intervju att han ska knocka Alistair Overeem

Junior dos Santos
I en intervju med Tatame.com säger UFCs tungviktsmästare Junior dos Santos att han ska knocka utmanaren Alistair Overeem. Titelmatchen kommer att gå av stapeln på UFC 146 den 26 maj enligt Lorenzo Feritta, läs mer här. Läs intervjun med dos Santos här nedan, (fritt översatt från portugisiska).

The next "test" is Overeem. What do you think of this fight?
Overeem is really a very tough guy, dangerous, heavy, very strong. I see him as a great challenge, even for my striking part, which is the part where I trust. Probably he will accept the fight standing. For me, the fight can happen either on the ground or standing. He is a very dangerous guy, but I will use my speed. I strongly believe in myself, I'm always confident in my attitudes. I think this is one of the secrets: to believe in myself I´ve already halfway there. I strongly believe that I can beat him. Like any fight, I go for the knockout. This will be no different, I'm going to knock him out.
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The fans are divided over who has the best striking, between you and Overeem. Although trust in victory, you believe that it is more technical standing?
I think so. I rely a lot on my standup. I believe I can knock out anyone doing the right job. He is as dangerous as I am fighting standing up, it's no wonder that he won the K-1. It will be a tough fight, it will be a fight of who hits first. The impact of a heavyweight is stronger and can lead to knock out very fast.

You have already shown that you have a hard chin in fights against Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, which are guys who hit hard. Are you ready to face Overeem?
Alistair Overeem
I am a fighter, I learned to fight suffering enough in the gym. I live in the gym or even more reality than the struggle can offer me. I am prepared to go through good times of struggle, as I am prepared to go through difficult times as well. The main fighter, as my teacher says Luiz Dorea, is you get to know too. If you are a fighter good times, your house will fall quickly. I think I'm prepared for both.

Overeem was in a controversy a couple a weeks ago, he would be tried for an alleged assault on a woman in Las Vegas (läs mer här)Will you comment about it and will it hurt your fight ?
I won´t comment anything, I am waiting for his trial. I have only heard the story. I'm not the one that judge people, but if it really happened ... I cant think that an athlete in a sport such as ours can do such a thing. Nothing better than justice to decide. I think the fight will happen. If it doesnt happen or they put another fighter against me, it doesnt matter to me. I am ready to face anyone. I never picked opponents and I wont do it now, as champion. It is in the hands of the UFC know what will be best for the event.