Cage Warriors Fight Night - Assan Njie möter Steven Ray den 16 mars i Dubai

Assan Njie
Den svenske MMA-fightern Assan Njie (11-2 MMA) går match på Cage Warriors Fight Night 4 i Dubai den 16 mars. Detta skriver på sin sida idag. Han möter den engelske MMA-fightern Steven Ray (9-2 MMA). Njie har även en titelfight på The Zone FC inbokad den 6 maj.

I en intervju med berättar Ray om vad han vet om sin motståndare Njie. Se efter brytet.

Tell us what you know about Njie?

“I’ve watched a few of his fights and some highlights. He looks a good striker, with a good guillotine, who is very big and strong. He’s obviously really highly ranked. This is an amazing opportunity. It’s in Dubai on the main card, live on and later on Sky Sports. I know I’ll be a big underdog, but I like that. I’ve got nothing to lose, just like against John Quinn and Scott Ward when everyone expected me to get beat.

This is obviously a very tough fight, why did you take it?
“I don’t want first round wins, I want wars like my fight with Scott Ward, where I win but go through a lot to do it. I want top level guys to prove that I can hang with them. This one will be a full-on war.
“I’m going out there to swing bombs and see who gets knocked out first. He looks quite wild and aggressive, and I’m going to be the exact same. I’m happy to stand and trade with anyone. I know I’ve got one-punch knockout power.

Does his guillotine concern you?
“I was already working on guillotine defences with Marcos Nardini for the Stuart Barrs fight [originally scheduled for On Top 4 before Barrs got injured]. Barrs has a good one too, so I was working on my defences and had all my sparring partners trying to grab my neck.”