UFC-mästaren Anderson Silva - "Jag kommer att fightas i 10 år till"

UFCs mellanviktsmästare Anderson "The Spider" Silva har i en intervju med SporTV berättat att han kommer att fightas åtminstone 10 år till, men att han har kvar 2-3 matcher kvar i sitt kontrakt med UFC efter sin fight mot Chael Sonnen i sommar. Silva pratar även om hans söner som potentiella MMA-fighters och om sin idol, Bruce Lee. Se ett utdrag av intervjun efter brytet.

The opening of his film shows a scene where Bruce Lee explains that the fighter has to behave like water, shaping up to the fence. He had great influence on his professional and personal life?

I am a big fan of his ... I trained Wing Chun ... he was very important in both my professional and personal life. I sisn't know him personally, but he conducted his life in martial arts with great dedication, and passed it to several generations.

Have your children  shown some willingness to fight?

Kalyl like soccer, Gabriel likes to fight and wants to be a fighter, and John also trains. In fact, they all train, minus the girls. It's a family tradition, and I always tell them that regardless of what you want to do in life: to be a football player, basketball, dancer, they have to learn and understand the philosophy of martial arts, and will have to train tp black belt. This is important in their lives.

So no chance of seeing a dynasty in the world of MMA?

A great possibility ... I hope that does not happen (laughs). But, yes.

You're already 36 years old. Have you ever stopped to think at the time of retirement?

Everyone thinks that. I've imagined myself in a lake, fishing with my grandchildren and my wife calling me into the house ... joke. Not thought of yet. I think I still have another ten-year career, but have not discussed my contract with the UFC. After this fight I think there are still two or three, I'm not sure. They just call me and say they need the Spider. And then I go.

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